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Lean 101 Simulation & Workshop in Jefferson City

We are partnering with Missouri Enterprise, the state’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership center, to offer area companies the opportunity to learn more about lean concepts that can help their business work faster, smarter and more efficiently. At this workshop, you will work side by side with other companies in a simulation and experience Lean in real-time.

By taking part in our one-day Lean 101 Simulation & Workshop, you will learn techniques on how to reduce waste, improve efficiency and drive profitability, followed by a simulation to put your skills to the test. Here, you will be given a role in the manufacturing process and experience how inefficiencies can really impact flow and production. Then, as time goes on and after you pick up Lean concepts, you can apply them to your role and see the vast improvement in real-time.

Lean can also be considered a workforce solution for companies facing recruitment challenges and employees positioned for retirement. How can you cross-train, eliminate tasks and even positions AND have a nimbler team by harnessing advanced systems and tech? Through thinking Lean!

If you want to be more efficient and work smarter, Lean is the place is start. Here, you will be exposed to new thinking when it comes to techniques used to systematically streamline processes—allowing manufacturing companies and their staff to be nimbler, more productive and more profitable. This workshop is geared towards division/unit leads, supervisors, CEOs, company owners, and other decision makers.

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion and can earn Continuous Improvement hours.

A special member discount is offered to AIM members. Contact us to learn more about membership and the promo code. 

WATCH this video to learn more about this Lean 101 Simulation:

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