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Kansas City tech employers promote tech education reform

The KC Tech Council has pushed for computer science education reform in the past, but this year is different.

“We’ve never done a legislative trip like this,” said KC Tech Council President Ryan Weber. “We’ve engaged nearly all of the major tech employers in Kansas City. We’ve also got participants from Springfield and St. Louis, so this is truly a statewide effort for this kind of education reform.”

The group will meet with legislators to push for adoption of House Bill 1623 and Senate Bill 894. Both bills would change computer science from an elective course in Missouri to one that counts toward a math, science or foreign language credit for graduation. Computer science is an employable skill, Weber said, and one students must learn early in their education.

“It is a fundamental skill that students need to learn today to be employable tomorrow,” he said. “Policy changes like this are a step toward becoming that future state.”

Throughout Wednesday, KC Tech Council and participating businesses will be using #cs4mo and #molegkctc on social media to keep followers updated on their meetings with legislators and presentations. The group also will meet with committee chairs and encourage them to advance the bills to the House and Senate floors. During the next couple of weeks, KC Tech Council will send a letter of support for the two bills and is encouraging the region’s businesses to sign the letter.



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