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Join us for an important Veto Session preview Monday

With just a couple of days to go before the start of the state legislature’s Veto Session, AIM president Ray McCarty wants to bring you “up to speed” on the bills and issues that will dominate the State Capitol Wednesday, September 10th.

Ray will lead a special AIM Manufacturing and Mining Committee Webinar on Monday, September 8 at 1:00 p.m. During that webinar, Ray will explain more about the veto session, the bills vetoed by the governor that are of particular interest to AIM and its members, and some of the strategy involved. He’ll also talk about what’s at stake as the governor’s record number of vetoes meets up with a legislature that can override any of those vetoes.

You, of course, will remember that Governor Nixon vetoed a series of bills supported by Associated Industries of Missouri aimed at clarifying tax laws for tax administrators and taxpayers in Missouri. Chief among those bills was SB584. The governor for the second straight year has spent the summer flying around the state using a cooked-up set of numbers to scare city, county and school administrators into believing the tax law adjustments will lead to widespread financial short-falls.

As always, you’ll be given a chance to type in questions or comments along the way. If you are an AIM member and have not received an invitation to this important webinar/conference call, please contact Dick Aldrich at, or (573) 634-2246. He will get you the information you need to join in.

Please join us for this very important briefing from Jefferson City as AIM continues to lead the fight for a fair and just tax system.



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