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In Win For Manufacturing Workers, Senate Banking Committee Unanimously Approves Trump’s Pick To Lead

The Senate Banking Committee has voted to advance President Trump’s nomination of Kimberly Reed, for Export-Import Bank. There will be a full senate vote for her nomination. Since July 2015, the bank has been lacked the necessary three-member quorum to approve deals worth more than $10 million. President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, Jay Timmons released this statement on the nomination:

“Kimberly Reed is the qualified leader manufacturers need at the helm of the Ex-Im Bank, and the full Senate should confirm her without delay. In Kimberly Reed, President Trump has put forward a nominee who shares his belief in the mission of the Ex-Im Bank. Every senator who supports American manufacturing workers should support Kimberly Reed.

“The Senate also needs to act on President Trump’s three nominees to the Ex-Im Board of Directors. Once Kimberly Reed is confirmed, she’ll need a quorum to implement reforms and get the Bank fully functioning again—empowering manufacturers of all sizes to compete in the global economy and win deals and jobs for American workers.”



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