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HACCP Certification & Training for Meat Processors

Every operation serving or selling food needs to have a food safety system in place that is designed specifically to guarantee that the food being served is safe to eat for the consumer (*requirements depend on size of business, size of workforce, type of product, location, etc.). To help the Missouri companies working in the food industry, we will hold training events at various locations throughout Missouri to certify staff members. This two-day workshop is specifically designed for meat and poultry producers/processors.

Food processing operations benefit greatly from HACCP training. Understanding the quality and safety of their products is critical both for marketing one’s products as well as meeting requirements set in place by distribution outlets and most importantly, customers. The HACCP program covers a systematic approach to identification, evaluation, and control of the food safety hazards based upon seven principles.

The class will consist of two days (May 30 and 31) in Monett, MO, and a minimum of 20 required hours under the certification guidelines. The curriculum outline is accredited under the International HACCP Alliance. Missouri Enterprise, Missouri Department of Ag, Missouri Workforce Development and Workforce Investment Board, and the Meat Processors Association will work together in order to help certify staff members at various locations throughout Missouri.



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