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Graves praises Trump Administration for reasonable approach in replacing Obama WOTUS Rule

Congressman Sam Graves applauded the Trump Administration today for finalizing a new rule to provide for the reasonable regulation of the Nation’s waters without trampling the rights of states, local communities, farmers, small businesses, and private citizens across the country.

The Administration promised to put forward today’s new rule after previously repealing the Obama Administration’s sprawling Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule – an expansion of the Clean Water Act that sought to dramatically reduce state and local decision-making with regard to waters and land use. The new Navigable Waters Protection Rule reestablishes that successful, long-standing federal-state partnership.

“I commend President Trump for keeping his promise to farmers, small business owners, and communities across the country by replacing the overreaching Obama WOTUS rule. The new rule offers greater certainty and promotes the important partnership between states and the federal government in ensuring we have a healthy environment. I look forward to working with the Administration to see this important rule implemented as intended,” said Graves.



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