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Graves calls for nomination of Army Corps’ Assistant Secretary for Civil Works


U.S. Representative Sam Graves

U.S. Representative Sam Graves today joined his Republican colleagues in the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in calling on President Trump to swiftly nominate an Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works (ASA-CW) to lead the Army Corps of Engineers. The ASA-CW helps support the Army Corps’ essential mission of managing 600 dams, 25,000 miles of commercial navigation channels, and nearly 1,000 coastal harbors across the United States.

“The Army Corps cannot fully do its job without an Assistant Secretary for Civil Works in place,” Rep. Graves said. “But right now, with the opportunity to streamline much of the Corps’ regulatory burdens, save billions of taxpayer dollars, and get some really important projects done, it’s even more critical for the President to nominate an ASA-CW as quickly as possible. That would have huge benefits in my north Missouri district, which borders both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and throughout the country, as so much of America’s economy relies on effective Corps management.”

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