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Governor Mike Parson headlines AIM’s 2018 Missouri Tax, Manufacturing and Business Conference

Associated Industries of Missouri’s 2018 Missouri Tax Manufacturing and Business Conference was a huge success again this year, thanks to the participation of Governor Mike Parson, several key legislators, directors of many state departments and professionals from across Missouri! At the conference, major voices in business and government gathered to discuss issues that matter to Missouri businesses.

The conference kicked off on Wednesday with a panel on ethics. On Thursday, the group learned about legislative issues past, present and future, heard from several government leaders and business experts, and received a keynote speech from Missouri’s 57th Governor, Mike Parson.

Governor Parson stressed his the importance of providing sufficient funding for transportation, broadband, and other infrastructure. He also said his administration was working hard to meet employers’ workforce needs, adding that both are key drivers of economic development.

A legislative panel gave attendees insight into the political landscape that is expected in the 2019 legislative session and key members of Governor Parson’s cabinet told how the state departments were working together to help provide solutions for Missourians and their employers.

Associated Industries of Missouri president and CEO, Ray McCarty, was very pleased with the event.

“Thanks to Governor Mike Parson, his cabinet members, the key legislators that attended the event, and the many expert speakers from companies across Missouri, this year’s conference was one of the best ever,” said McCarty.



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