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GM investing $1.5 billion in next generation mid-size trucks to be built at Wentzville plant, retain

Today, Governor Mike Parson joined General Motors (GM) leadership, government officials, and community partners for the announcement of GM’s decision to invest $1.5 billion and retain nearly 4,000 jobs at its Wentzville facility. Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri attended the event.

Today’s announcement represents one of the largest single project investments from the private sector in Missouri, according to a press release from Governor Parson’s office.

“We are excited and proud that General Motors, an American multinational corporation with more than 100 years of automotive industry experience, is renewing its commitment to our region with this investment in the Wentzville plant. This is truly a historic moment for Missouri, and it was an honor to be part of today’s announcement,” Governor Parson said.

“From day one, our administration has been focused on workforce development and infrastructure, and this project falls right in line with these priorities,” Governor Parson continued. “Partners from higher education, transportation, state and local government, and our legislature all came together to help secure the future of this facility, and today that hard work paid off. The result is a $1.5 billion investment and 4,000 good-paying jobs that will benefit not only Wentzville, but every corner of the state for generations to come.”

The Wentzville plant supports 12,241 jobs throughout Missouri’s economy and generates more than $2 billion in GDP annually. Out of the state’s 227 automotive suppliers, 178 supply GM, accounting for more than $700 million spent by GM on Missouri suppliers.

What state and local leaders are saying:

“The automotive industry has long been a driving force for Missouri’s economy, and GM’s decision to reinvest in Missouri and Missouri workers is proof positive,” Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe said. “This decision is great news for families in Wentzville and the St. Louis region, but also for small businesses and manufacturers across the state who supply critical components to the manufacturing process. I am grateful for the leadership and foresight of Governor Parson and the legislature to make this a reality.”

“The strength of the auto manufacturing sector in Missouri just continues to grow, with extraordinary investments made by GM and Ford on both sides of the state over the last 10 years and in the years to come,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We applaud the success of both of these plants and the many suppliers that are thriving because of the investments they have made and will make in the future as Missouri continues to be a leading auto manufacturing state.”

“Today’s announcement magnifies Missouri’s position as a hub for the automotive industry,” said Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon. “This shows that we have the workforce, infrastructure and the economic development tools needed to secure major investment in Missouri. Our team, along with partners across the state, look forward to working with GM and others to build on this momentum and move Missouri forward.”

“Wentzville is fortunate to have a strong employer like General Motors in our community. We have and will continue to support the organization and are proud that they call Wentzville home. General Motors’ reinvestment in our community speaks volumes; we are thankful for General Motors’ commitment to our community and to its current and future workforce,” Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione said.

“This is, obviously, great news not only for St. Charles County but also metro St. Louis and all of Missouri. As our community’s largest employer, GM’s continued investment and growth highlight the strength of advanced manufacturing in St. Charles County,” St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann said. “This funding from the state shows how serious Governor Parson is about the success of business and workforce development in Missouri.

“The General Motors expansion is great for Missouri. With the Ameren Missouri Smart Energy Plan, we are investing in new technology and electrical infrastructure to benefit all customers while providing one of the best economic development incentives in the country to bring even more business to the communities we serve,” said Chairman and President of Ameren Missouri Marty Lyons. “This is a great competitive edge to continue growing the local workforce and our economy.”



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