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Galloway says state boards and commissions fell into ‘bureaucratic oblivion’ under Nixon administrat

The latest audit released by the Missouri State Auditor’s Office has some strong criticism for former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The closeout audit, which evaluates the overall performance of the Governor’s Office, looks into the finances and procedures of the outgoing governor, and the audit shows hundreds of vacant positions among Missouri’s boards and commissions, laying the blame on the former Democratic governor who appointed State Auditor Nicole Galloway to her current position. According to the release, of the 220 boards and 1,600 governor-appointed position, 70 percent of those were waiting to be filled by the governor, either due to vacancies or expired terms. Some boards, the audit notes, still exist, even though there seems to be no interest or need for their existence. “The state’s boards and commissions can fill important needs in our state, but only when they have the members and resources to fulfill their responsibilities,” Galloway said. “If the board’s mission is completed or becomes obsolete, the board should cease to exist instead of slowly deteriorating into bureaucratic oblivion.”
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