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Ford’s new body shop leaves a big impression

Here’s an interesting look behind the scenes at the construction of the new Ford F-150 at the Claycomo Plant near Kansas City, written by Kansas City Business Journal veteran reporter James Dornbrook.

Ford Motor Co. gave the media a peek behind the curtain at the technological marvel that produces the newly designed F-150 pickup truck at its Kansas City Assembly Plant, which began rolling off the lines for the first time Friday.

During the tour of its new F-150 body shop, I got my first look at some of the 500 state-of-the-art robots that are being used. The robots pick up the top, bottom and side parts of the frame and join them together. The process formerly included the use of spot welds, causing sparks to fly and leaving residue everywhere. But today the trucks are built using 2,000 rivets per vehicle that are fed from spools like bullets from the magazine of a gun.



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