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Featured Member: Walsworth


Walsworth, a business among the 20 largest printing companies in the U.S. and top three in book printers, is turning 80 this year. While making it to such a milestone birthday is a remarkable accomplishment in itself, Walsworth remains a family-owned company  – never bought or sold.


Don O. and Don Walsworth

The company began in 1937 when Don Walsworth settled in Marceline, Missouri, to print playbills with a borrowed typewriter and a mimeograph machine. Soon the product line was expanded to include cookbooks and, following World War II, memorial books to honor those who had served their country.

Walsworth began producing yearbooks in 1947. In 1970, the Commercial printing division was established to balance the cyclical yearbook production schedule, adding textbooks, catalogs, magazines and other specialty publications to the Walsworth line.


Typing Department, early 1950s

Today, Walsworth is still headquartered in Marceline and operates out of several other locations as well. It boasts more than 675 employees who have attained the Master Printer of America status. Additionally, Walsworth employs more than 1,250 people worldwide, and more than 250 of its employees have 20 or more years of service to the company.

Walsworth attributes eight decades of success to its support and accountability from customers, as well as consistent leadership and dedicated employees who possess a strong work ethic and commitment to the company.

“Eighty years, that’s a long time… and we want to thank all our customers for the many years that we’ve been able to serve them,” said CEO Don O. Walsworth.  “It’s been our pleasure to work with many fine men and women throughout the United States, well in fact, throughout the world. Without our customer base that we’ve had throughout the years, Walsworth would not be what it is today.”

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