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Featured Member: HooPayz, LLC

HooPayz protects employers from overpaying for company health benefits. By helping employees get high-quality healthcare at a fair price, HooPayz keeps the price of providing health benefits low for their clients.

Founded in 2012 by Susan Lang and based in St. Louis, HooPayz was built to provide employers a way to contain the rising cost of health benefits. Drawing from her time as a hospital administrator, consultant, and corporate executive, Susan emphasizes employer-employee alignment, keeping claim expenses low, and health benefits affordable and sustainable.

From its humble beginnings at the kitchen table to its newest offices in Chesterfield, HooPayz continues to grow year after year, serving customers nationwide. The company’s dedication to its clients’ financial well-being has paid off in a big way. “Since we started, we’ve added services to cover dental, vision and prescription assistance to meet the needs of our members.” Susan Lang shared, “And our clients have realized millions in savings.”

To target wasted dollars and savings opportunities, HooPayz works as an extension of their clients’ HR teams and addresses companies’ healthcare spending at its source: the employees. Every HooPayz service helps keep employees’ healthcare costs low – from before their care is scheduled, to after the bills arrive.  HooPayz Personal Advisors represent employees, serving as advocates to locate physicians, specialists and resources, and manage appeals and medical debt. The team is committed to price transparency, finding fair prices for procedures and prescription drugs, and coding experts review and correct medical billing errors. Personal Advisors navigate the healthcare system on behalf of employees, so they can stay focused, and productive at work.

In addition to saving clients’ dollars and resources, HooPayz recognizes the value in employees having a place to turn in moments of crisis. While her extensive healthcare and finance experience bolstered the start of the company, part of Susan’s motivation was very personal. After a horrific car accident landed her in the hospital, she found herself in a new healthcare role: a patient. Although her sole focus should have been recovery, she almost immediately had to contend with an onslaught of medical bills. Today, HooPayz is the advocate she never had.

From shopping for prices to bill review, HooPayz’ focus on healthcare consumerism shows employees just how much they can save, and drives your cost containment goals.

For information about significant savings opportunities, watch this video, visit HooPayz here or call Beth Miller at (314) 492-4000. x716.



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