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Evergy Energy Efficiency Program Update

Evergy Utilities now have incentives for 2021 New Construction projects. If you are serious about saving energy and have a commercial client or are building in the Evergy Missouri territory, with this New Construction program you can receive incentives for building efficiently. The maximum incentive is $250,000 per site which encourage the design of energy efficient buildings.

Facility Type Eligibility

Projects eligible for New Construction Incentives include:

• New building projects wherein no structure or site footprint presently exists

• Addition to an existing building or site footprint

• A gut rehab for a change of purpose to an existing building requiring replacement of all electrical systems/equipment

• “Warm Shell” projects, where the building envelope, central mechanical system, and core lighting systems are included in the design but future build-out work or tenant improvements are permitted separately

Project Eligibility

New Construction Incentives will be approved based on:

• fulfillment of eligibility requirements

• technical review and approval

• passed inspections

• compliance with program terms and conditions




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