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Discovery bill moves forward in Senate

SB 224, filed by Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer, would align Missouri statute with federal court rules of discovery. Following lengthy debate over many hours in the Missouri Senate, the Senate gave initial approval to the bill. The compromise version may be viewed here.

Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer presenting SB 224 in committee.

The bill would help prevent multiple, and often frivolous/harassing, discovery and deposition requests, by limiting them to the number and standards as are used in federal courts in Missouri and many other states.

“We are aware of cases where plaintiffs have abused the current law in an effort to harass defendants into settlement,” said Ray McCarty, President/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM). “Adopting federal standards in this area would be beneficial to all who have claims in court and both sides would have to abide by the same rules,” he said in announcing AIM’s support for the measure.

The bill was also supported by many other businesses and groups when heard in committee. The bill needs one more Senate vote, then moves to the House for further consideration.



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