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Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s Statement on the 700 New Boeing Jobs to Build the 777x

Ballwin – Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) issued the following statement after Boeing announced it will bring 700 new jobs to the St. Louis region to build parts for 777X commercial airliner.  This move comes days after Boeing announced plans it would bring 500 new jobs to the St. Louis region to help build the F-22 Raptor:

“Today’s announcement that Boeing will bring an additional 700 jobs to St. Louis is a testament to the people of this region and to the greatest skilled and high tech workers in the country,” said Rep. Wagner.  “This announcement will also have a multiplier effect for suppliers, and inject opportunity and new jobs for Missourians all over the state.  I am extremely pleased that Boeing has decided to bring these jobs to the Show-Me-State, and I will continue to advocate for new jobs as your representative.”

Additionally, Congresswoman Wagner advocated on behalf of the people of the St. Louis region by hand delivering this letter to the CEO of Boeing while meeting him about why they should choose St. Louis to build the 777x:

December 4, 2013

Mr. W. James McNerney, Jr.

The Boeing Company

100 North Riverside

Chicago, Illinois 60606 Dear Mr. McNerney:

I am pleased that Boeing is currently considering St. Louis, Missouri as the location for production of its new 777x aircraft.  Given the rich history between Boeing and the area, St. Louis is a premier candidate for the fuselage manufacturing, composite wing fabrication, and final assembly operations of this advanced twin-aisle airplane.

St. Louis has an extensive history in the aerospace manufacturing industry which Boeing has been deeply invested in for the last 86 years; from Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis in the past to the F-18 Super Hornet, JDAM missile, and parts for the C-17 today.

Additionally, Boeing has extensive experience with the quality workers of Missouri.  Overall, Boeing employs approximately 15,000 workers in Missouri, including thousands of skilled machinists in the greater St. Louis region and over 5,500 in Missouri’s Second Congressional District.  Furthermore, Missouri’s strong education resources and partnerships will ensure that a steady supply of talent is available for any large-scale project in the future.  With such a skilled and experienced workforce alongside an excellent track record of carrying out large aerospace projects, the greater St. Louis region would make an ideal fit for production of the 777x aircraft set to begin in 2017.

In addition to our capable and reliable workforce, Missouri offers a business friendly regulatory and tax structure, among the lowest utility rates in the country, competitive cost-of-living standards, and an efficient transportation infrastructure with a major airport, rail and highways, and access to the inland waterway system via the Mississippi River.

For all of these reasons, I hope that together we can continue the great partnership between Boeing and the Show-Me-State for many more years to come with the 777x.  I look forward to hearing your decision and am willing to further discuss the merits of St. Louis as the right place to build this airplane.


Ann Wagner

United States Congress (MO-02)



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