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Congressman Graves tours district

Congressman Sam Graves tour around his congressional district last week was well-covered by local media. Here’s a sample of some of the topics Congressman Graves was talking about during his tour.


Congressman Sam Graves made several stops in Northeast Missouri on Wednesday.

One of his stops was in Hannibal.

He toured Continental Cement, a cement manufacturer.

Graves is currently trying to get a highway bill on President Obama’s desk.

The bill is aimed at improving crumbling infrastructure.

Companies like Continental Cement would benefit greatly from the federal bill.

Representative Graves says this bill will do wonders for projects in the state and nation.

“It is important to us here and it is important to me in a district like this we use U.S. manufacturers, U.S. products doing infrastructure projects,” U.S. Representative Sam Graves, (R) Missouri 6th District, said.

The deadline to pass the multi-billion dollar, federal bill is October 31st.


A federal funding fix could help road and bridge projects in the Tri-States, and money could be rolling in by the end of the year. A chunk of $450 billion dollars could be set aside to fix Missouri roads.

Congressman Sam Graves toured Continental Cement in Hannibal on Wednesday to push his long-term transportation funding bill. The proposal would pay for improvements to transportation infrastructure nationwide and drive money into struggling state agencies like MoDOT. With more money on the table, it could fast track local projects and boost regional manufacturers.

“You’ve also got all the jobs involved that go into the process,” Graves said. “For instance, cement is a part of concrete. Concrete is a part of road and bridge construction. So, it just goes on and on and on. It has fingers throughout the country.”

Graves says lawmakers plan to have the bill finished by mid-September. He says the deadline is October 31 for completion, then it’s off to President Obama’s desk.



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