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Cerner reports record bookings, announces plans for 600 new KC jobs

Cerner reported record new business bookings in the final three months of 2017 that were 62 percent higher than a year earlier.

For all of 2017, bookings reached $6.3 billion, also a record.

Cerner also announced it plans to hire 600 employees in Kansas City. Like most companies, Cerner reported an income benefit from December’s tax bill: $115 million, primarily driven by its deferred tax liability being re-evaluated per the new law, Naughton said.

Cerner’s tax rate will be about 24 percent for 2018, but that decrease is not reflected in the company’s revenue projections. Instead, Naughton said, Cerner will reinvest it in research and development, the next phase of its $4.5 billion Innovations Campus and hiring 600 local employees to support its Works businesses, which provide managed IT and revenue cycle services to its clients.



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