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Cerner officially opens new Innovations campus in Kansas City

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The Cerner Corporation officially opened its new “Innovations” campus in Kansas City Thursday, which is expected to create 16,000 new jobs over the next ten years. Additionally, about 3,000 software engineers and support staff are assigned to the new  campus.

“We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of health care,” said Cerner CEO Mike Nill. “Cerner is sitting at a very good place at very good time. We expect to grow. We’re planning to grow.”

Cerner has about 12,800 workers in the Kansas City area and about 24,000 worldwide. It is the area’s largest private-sector employer.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“We want to attract the best talent from around the country,” said Greitens. “We want to make Missouri a place where young professionals, if they grew up here, are excited to stay. We want to make this a place where young professionals from around the country, they know they can come and they can build a great life here.”

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