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Buy Missouri Week legislation passes in Missouri Senate

Lt. Governor Mike Parson (R) kicked off his Buy Missouri campaign at the AIM Tax, Business and Manufacturing Conference last October.

“Associated Industries of Missouri wholeheartedly supports this effort to highlight products that are made in Missouri,” said Ray McCarty. “We thank Lt. Governor Parson and Senate Majority Leader Kehoe for making Missouri-made products a priority. We believe when consumers and tourists know the products that are made here, they will want to support the local economy, which in turn supports local schools, police, fire protection, and generally will help our local communities. The program really helps us unify under a common identity and we encourage everyone to Buy Missouri,” said McCarty.

McCarty accompanied Lt. Governor Parson on a multi-city promotion of the Buy Missouri program prior to the start of the legislative session.

SB 891 was passed with a vote of 137-0 on May 16.

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