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Business leaders congregate to determine legislative issues for 2019

Business leaders representing the Board of Directors of Associated Industries of Missouri, the state’s oldest general business lobbying organization, met in Jefferson City this week to discuss recent legislative victories and potential legislative issues for the upcoming 2019 legislative session. The session will represent the 100th year of the Association’s activities in the Missouri Capitol.

Opening the meeting was Chris Limbaugh, General Counsel for Governor Mike Parson, who gave the business leaders insight into his role in the administration and some of the administration’s recent efforts to reduce burdensome business regulations.

The group’s president and CEO, Ray McCarty, recounted numerous legislative successes, including the crown jewel: tax cuts for all Missouri businesses.

“We are very appreciative of the efforts of House and Senate leaders that understand one of the best things government can do for business is let them spend their resources in the best way to continue creating jobs and profit in Missouri and get out of the way,” said McCarty. “Because of our efforts, in particular our tax lobbyist Chuck Pierce, we worked with key legislators to provide tax reform that lowered business taxes for every business by 20% or 36%, depending on the type of business. We call on all businesses in Missouri to support our efforts to improve the tax structure, legal environment, and otherwise help make Missouri businesses more profitable and attract new businesses to Missouri,” said McCarty.



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