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Border war truce bills heard in committee

The so-called “border war truce” legislation that has been filed in the House and Senate was heard by committees in both chambers this week.

The bills would prohibit the use of tax incentives to attract businesses from four counties in Kansas to four counties in Missouri – provided Kansas enacts similar legislation.

The bill is supported by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.  One of the main witnesses in favor of the bill was Bill Hall of Hallmark Cards, Inc.

“It is interesting that many of the supporters of this bill supported Governor Nixon’s veto of broad-based tax relief last session,” said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. “Because broad-based tax cuts in Kansas eliminated state income taxes on many small and mid-sized businesses that are located in Kansas, or that relocate to Kansas, Kansas still holds an advantage in the ongoing competition for new employers.  It is unfortunate that many of these groups continue to oppose broad-based tax cuts for Missouri employers, making it increasingly more difficult to compete in a global marketplace,” McCarty continued.

Associated Industries of Missouri continues to advocate for broad-based tax cuts that will benefit all Missouri employers.



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