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Boeing to narrow sites for 777X this week

The St. Louis Business Journal follows up on the Boeing 777x announcement. Here’s the story.

Boeing this week will narrow “down to a handful” the possible sites for production of its new 777X commercial jet, a Boeing executive said Tuesday in an email message to employees.

Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Connersaid Boeing had received proposals from 22 states covering 54 sites and reiterated that the company would decide where to build the aircraft “early next year,” according to a copy of the message posted to the Washington Aerospace Partnership’sFacebook page.

Conner’s said the company had not withdrawn its second offer to the Machinists union in Washington state but that union leaders had rejected it “in short order,” and expressed disappointment in the outcome of last week’s talks.

Union leaders there have said they will not bring the new offer to a vote before union members, some of whom have rallied for such a vote.

Missouri has pledged a total of $3.5 billion in tax breaks over 23 years if Boeing locates the work in St. Louis County. Washington has pledged $8.7 billion over 16 years, and has a workforce that’s skilled in commercial production.



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