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Boeing announces $100 million investment in employee training programs

Boeing plans to spend $100 million on new workforce development programs.

It’s part of a larger plan the company announced last year to invest $300 million in employees, infrastructure and local communities.

The company said the new investment was made possible by the tax bill signed into law last December.

Boeing will begin offering online resources, including a new partnership with online education platform The company also will fund programming to help employees enhance technical skills and understand industry trends.

The latest round of programs are coming from a crowdfunding effort that resulted in more than 40,000 ideas from Boeing employees.

“When we asked our people how best to invest in their learning and development they spoke up loud and clear,” said Heidi Capozzi, senior vice president of human resources. “We listened and read every single idea that was submitted. Our long-term plans represent a down payment on the future of our employees and tomorrow’s technical workforce.”



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