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Boeing And U.S. Air Force ink historic deal for F-15EX fighter jets

The U.S. Air Force announced a $1.2 billion contract award for Boeing to build the first lot of eight F-15EX advanced fighter jets. The jets will be built in the F-15 production facility at Boeing St. Louis and set for delivery to the Air Force next year.

“The F-15EX is ready to fight as soon as it comes off the line,” said Gen. Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command commander. “When delivered, we expect bases currently operating the F-15 to transition to the new EX platform in a matter of months versus years.”

Here’s some additional facts:

  • The F-15EX carries more weapons than any other fighter in its class, and can launch hypersonic weapons up to 22 feet long and weighing up to 7,000 pounds.

  • Pilots and mechanics currently operating the F-15 anticipate transitioning to the F-15EX in a matter of days.

  • Future plans call for as many as 144 aircraft.

  • The F-15EX avionics and software allows it to operate independently while isolated and reconnect to the global cloud when conditions permit.

  • Boeing St. Louis is Missouri’s largest manufacturer sustaining nearly 16,000 highly-skilled jobs in the region.



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