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Blunt Supports Blocking a Costly EPA Regulation – McCaskill Supports Obama’s EPA Regulat

June 20 – As we told you last Friday, the Senate was expected to vote today on S.J. Res 37, a measure that would void the EPA’s Utility MACT regulation.  A vote for the measure would have sent the EPA back to the drawing board to come up with a regulation that would be attainable.  A vote against the resolution is a vote to support the Obama Administration’s EPA regulation that will, by the EPA’s own estimates, drive up utility costs for Missourians between 2.8% in eastern Missouri and 6.3% in western Missouri.  Labor groups, consumer groups and employer organizations all supported the resolution and oppose the regulation.  Environmental groups are, of course, in favor of the Obama regulation and opposed S.J. Res. 37.

Well, the vote was taken today.  Senator Roy Blunt voted in favor of the resolution that would have voided the EPA regulation and blocked increased utility bills due to the regulation.  Senator Claire McCaskill sided with the Obama Administration in voting against the resolution (a vote FOR the EPA’s regulation).  The resolution failed on a vote of 46 in favor, 53 opposed, and one abstaining.  Click here for the vote.

Press reports indicate Senator McCaskill may support another measure that will delay implementation of the regulation.  As we pointed out in our blog article last week, delayed implementation simply “kicks the can down the road” and Missouri energy consumers will still see the same increased electricity costs – those costs will just be delayed.  And although the EPA has estimated a 2.8% to 6.3% increase in rates, these estimates are likely VERY conservative.

Thanks to those of you that heeded our call to contact Senator McCaskill’s office about this critical vote.  Senator McCaskill’s vote today means all Missouri energy consumers, including Missouri employers, will face higher utility bills thanks to this burdensome EPA regulation issued by the Obama Administration.



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