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Blunt calls on trade agreement to include currency manipulation language

Debate over the latest trade agreement legislation is in limbo at the moment on Capitol Hill. But whatever agreement comes out of the Senate and House, it must have language that puts into effect enforceable rules prohibiting currency manipulation.

That’s the opinion of former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. Blunt is currently president of the American Automotive Policy Council, a group made up of U.S. automobile manufacturers. You can read Blunt’s statement here.

Blunt’s association policy mirrors the thoughts of the Associated Industries of Missouri, which feels that new trade agreements without some kind of agreement to not do business with countries that can change currency rules to benefit themselves are a hollow victory at best.

The so-called Portman-Stabenow amendment is one of a long line of changes to the bill the Senate will take up as they begin debate on the President’s major, 12-nation Pacific trade accord, an integral step toward approval of a key piece of the president’s ambitious trade agenda.

You can read the latest on the trade battle on Capitol Hill here. 



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