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Associated Industries of Missouri disappointed by governor’s veto of Right to Work legislation

Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) believes that Governor Jay Nixon is taking away a worker’s fundamental right to choose who represents them, and how they’re represented, while also taking away a tool in the tool-belt necessary for the state to compete for jobs and businesses against neighboring states by vetoing House Bill 116.

“With a stroke of his pen, the governor is taking away a worker’s right to choose whether or not he or she wants to join an organization and have dues for that organization taken directly from their paycheck,” said Ray McCarty, president of AIM. “It seems that the governor is standing with labor unions and against workers’ freedom to choose whether or not they feel they are getting value from their union membership.”

“We also believe the veto of House Bill 116 is a blow to the economic development of the state,” said McCarty. “In the hyper-competitive world of business development and relocation, Missouri is currently losing out to states that have Right to Work laws. We believe that Missouri misses out daily on businesses that go to neighboring states that are Right to Work.”

McCarty is hopeful the State Legislature will override the governor’s veto when it returns for its annual veto session in September.

“We call on the General Assembly to come together to support this opportunity for our state’s economy and for our Missouri workers by overriding Governor Nixon’s veto and making Right to Work the law in Missouri,” said McCarty.



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