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Associated Industries of Missouri Board members visit Missouri Congressional Delegation

June 14 & 15, 2016 – This week, members of the Board of Directors of Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) visited the Missouri Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C.

Board members Jerry Jost (Jost Chemical Company), Rod Reid (Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets), John Frederick (Boeing), and James Carter (Emerson), joined Shaun Garrison (representing Ameren) and Ray McCarty (president/CEO of AIM) in visiting nearly all offices of the Missouri delegation Wednesday and Thursday.

Cong Wagner AIM mtg 2016

L to R: Rod Reid (Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets), Ray McCarty (AIM president/CEO), Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Jerry Jost (Jost Chemical) and John Frederick (Boeing)

Topics of discussion ranged from the onslaught of federal regulations to a federal grant to assist with the replacement of Merchants Bridge, a 127-year old railroad bridge in St. Louis.

Congressman Jason Smith discussed his efforts to force a closer examination of federal regulations and their impact on consumers and taxpayers, including businesses. Congressman Smith, Congressman Luetkemeyer and many others, accentuated the fact that many bills are passed by the U.S. House, only to receive no action in the U.S. Senate. They also pointed out even if the bills are passed by the Senate, they face veto by the President, whose executive agencies originated the regulations in the first place. Congressman Smith discussed his SCRUB Act designed to force a review of federal regulations. More on the SCRUB Act in a future article.

Congressman Sam Graves’ staff indicated the Congressman’s interest in transportation infrastructure issues in particular – issues that are extremely important to Missouri employers. The Missouri Transportation and Development Council (MTD) is the division of AIM focused on improving transportation infrastructure since 1923. MTD has  held  multiple meetings over many years to try and determine a funding source for transportation improvements that will be accepted by voters. MTD and AIM backed legislation during the 2016 legislative session that would have enacted a modest gas and diesel tax increase upon voter approval. That bill, sponsored by Sen. Doug Libla, passed the Missouri Senate but failed in the Missouri House.

AIM Trip 2016 Luetkemeyer

L to R: Shaun Garrison (Ameren), Ray McCarty (AIM), Rod Reid (Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet), Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, Jerry Jost (Jost Chemical) and John Frederick (Boeing).

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer suggested employers discuss with their employees the impact of federal regulations on their businesses. More on that in a future article.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s Jordan Cox added the Congresswoman’s work on healthcare issues such as Medicare and reforming Obamacare. Her office is also keenly aware of the impact of federal regulations on Missouri employers.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s staffer, Christina Mahoney, visited with the group about the Congressman’s efforts on the Water Resources Development Act. We also discussed how the impact of federal regulations requiring overtime for managers under a certain salary could hurt the very people that the President is trying to help.

Congresswoman Ann Wagner discussed working to find a bipartisan solution to the overtime rule and regulatory reform in general. We also thanked the Congresswoman for her efforts to increase funding for projects critical to our national defense that benefits Missouri’s largest manufacturer (Boeing) and many small manufacturing operations and other suppliers doing business with Boeing.

Congressman Billy Long’s staff emphasized the overreach of the federal  government through regulations and the Congressman’s support of laws that would increase trade opportunities for Missourians. This was a theme echoed by Congressman Smith and nearly all members of our Congressional delegation.

The group also met with Senator Roy Blunt’s Chief of Staff regarding his REINS Act that would require a proactive vote by Congress before regulations could be implemented. More on that in a future article. The group expressed our members’ frustration with federal regulations and the real impact those regulations have on Missouri employers. We also discussed the fact that although these regulations are issued by the President and agencies under his control, all of Washington is often held responsible for them, even though Congress may object to them.

Finally, the group met with Liz Herman in Senator Claire McCaskill’s office, discussing the overtime regulation and other federal regulations.

Expect more detailed articles on these subjects in the future as we offered to allow each of our Members of Congress to write short articles on their efforts on behalf of Missouri employers that will be appearing on this blog and in future editions of the E-Voice.



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