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ASPEQ has plans for owners of Missouri-based manufacturing companies

If you are an owner of a Missouri-based manufacturing company without a long-term succession plan in place, you may want to speak with ASPEQ Holdings, Inc (

ASPEQ Holdings is a Missouri-based, privately owned, manufacturing holding company.   ASPEQ was established in 2008 for the sole purpose of purchasing and growing closely-held manufacturing companies.

ASPEQ is interested in speaking with individuals and/or families who own manufacturing companies in Missouri with $1 million to $3 million of EBITDA and/or $5 million to $30 million of annual revenue.  ASPEQ seeks to make control investments, but has the flexibility to allow for the selling shareholder(s) to retain an ongoing ownership interest, if desired.

Importantly, ASPEQ has a proven track record of successfully buying and growing manufacturing companies. The ASPEQ management team classifies themselves as manufacturing “operators” and NOT “financial engineers”.  ASPEQ is solely concerned with creating long-term value for all stakeholders – the local community, employees, and customers.



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