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AIM testifies on advanced recycling

February 25, 2022- Thursday morning AIM president and CEO Ray McCarty testified in favor of House Bill 2485 which lays the groundwork for attracting advanced plastics recycling in Missouri.

This bill clarifies that an advanced recycling facility, as defined in the bill, is not subject to the solid waste processing facility operating permit requirements because they would not perform the same function as a solid waste processing facility.

During testimony for the bill, McCarty said, "We think this is a really good new industry that will help the environment and turn waste materials into usable products. This bill will help our regulations catch up with current technology and allow Missouri to be a player in attracting such facilities to Missouri."

Some of the products that could be produced by such a facility are chemical feedstocks, other usable plastics, waxes, lubricants, coatings and hydrocarbons. The technology breaks down the feedstock into basic chemicals that can be reused for these products.

The bill was also supported by the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

During testimony, all acknowledged there is additional work needed on the language to ensure existing recyclers and solid waste operators are not adversely affected by the bill. AIM and the ACC are working with stakeholders on language that will be presented as a committee substitute at a future committee meeting.

The committee took no action during the hearing, we will keep you posted on the progress of the bill.



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