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AIM supports venue/joinder bill in House hearing

March 13, 2019

Associated Industries of Missouri President/CEO Ray McCarty testified at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on SB 7, the venue/joinder bill sponsored by Sen. Ed Emery last night.

The bill establishes reasonable rules regarding when cases may be joined together and the proper venue (court location) for cases to be heard. The bill is intended to prohibit venue shopping.

Some clever attorneys currently join defendants or plaintiffs together in a lawsuit so cases that would otherwise have no connection with a particular court would be heard in that court because they perceive an advantage with that particular judge and/or jury.

According to some recent articles, courts in St. Louis City are becoming overburdened with cases that have little or not connection to residents of the City.

The Missouri Civil Justice Reform Coalition, represented by Rich Aubuchon, took the lead in representing business interests in the hearing. AIM is a member of the coalition that strives to bring about responsible changes resulting in a fairer legal system.

No action was taken on the bill. Read more about Senate Bill 7 HERE.



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