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AIM supports funds to update UInteract System

March 8, 2022 - Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) president and CEO Ray McCarty testified yesterday in favor of Rep. Allen Andrews' HB 2290, a bill that would set aside some unemployment trust fund money for unemployment system upgrades and updates. The system is used by employers and unemployment claimants.

In order to earmark the money for this purpose, the bill imposes a surcharge that is credited back on the same return, resulting in no net tax increase for any employer.

"This is not a tax increase," said McCarty. "The money earmarked by this proposal would be dedicated to system upgrades and improvements. This is important because Missouri has developed a state-of-the-art automated unemployment system and has actually been a leader among states in terms of technology. We want to ensure they have sufficient funding to make necessary system upgrades and improvements for this system that helps prevent fraud and abuse and helps ensure those that actually need the unemployment funds are receiving them. In addition, the process for employers to challenge unemployment claims is all automated in this one system," he said.

Associated Industries of Missouri is the oldest general business trade association. McCarty told the committee AIM has been lobbying since its formation to write the first workers' compensation law in 1919 and was involved in the original unemployment laws and all amendments to the program since inception.



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