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AIM supports closing the tobacco settlement loophole

Associated Industries of Missouri began running television ads today supporting closing the tobacco settlement loophole that has resulted in unfair competition between cigarette makers and caused a shortfall in state revenues, with more shortfalls on the horizon.

AIM is working hard to pass SB 1096, sponsored by Sen. Bob Dixon. The bill would fix the tobacco settlement loophole, making Missouri the last state to adopt the language.

“Missouri taxpayers may lose out on the tax cut that we worked so hard to pass in 2014,” said Ray McCarty. “We had to pass this bill after Governor Jay Nixon vetoed it, and now we could lose the benefits of the tax cut if we do not fix this loophole – one that allows some cigarette manufacturers to sell their cigarettes cheaper than those that are paying for the costs of the harm done by cigarettes,” said McCarty. “We have stalled long enough in Missouri and this needs to get done this session.”

Here is a sample of television ads that will be running across Missouri on the subject:

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