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AIM supports bill that welcomes advanced recycling

April 13th, 2022- This morning, AIM president and CEO Ray McCarty testified in support of House Bill 2485. HB 2485 was introduced by Rep. Jeff Knight, a Republican who represents Laclede and Dallas County (District 129) in the Missouri House of Representatives. This bill was heard in the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee.

HB 2485 would clarify the status of advanced plastic recycling and recovery facilities that transform post-use plastics into a range of products, including valuable feedstocks for new plastics and chemicals, raw materials for manufacturing, and lower-carbon transportation fuels using the highly technical processes of pyrolysis and de-polymerization. The bill would allow such businesses to be treated as manufacturing facilities, rather than solid waste facilities, for environmental permitting purposes.

This bill defines and redefines certain terms including, but not limited to, "advanced recycling", "advanced recycling facility", "depolymerization", "gasification", "mechanical processing", "mill scale and slag", "post-use polymer", "pyrolysis", "recovered feedstock", "recycled content", "recycled plastics", "solid waste", and "solvolysis". The bill specifies that an advanced recycling facility, is not subject to the solid waste processing facility operating permit requirements and no permit is required for the use of advanced recycling at an advanced recycling facility, as long as the feedstocks received by such facility are source-separated or diverted or recovered from municipal or other waste streams prior to acceptance at the advanced recycling facility.

According to a 2019 report by the American Chemistry Council, the potential impact of expanding advanced plastic recycling and recovery technologies in the U.S. could reach nearly $10 billion. We want to prepare Missouri law for this new industry that helps the environment by converting plastic waste into new reusable chemicals and products.

"This bill simply says Missouri will treat these facilities as manufacturers, rather than solid waste facilities, for purposes of environmental permits," said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. "We worked with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and solid waste facilities to arrive at the language in the bill and we fully support its passage."

The committee took no action during the hearing.



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