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AIM-supported bill requiring local governments to pay for EV charging stations receives initial House approval

Rep. Jim Murphy (R-94, St. Louis County)

February 5, 2024 - The Missouri House today gave first round approval to HB 1511, sponsored by Rep. Jim Murphy, that would require local governments that mandate installation of electric vehicle charging stations to pay for the installation and maintenance of those stations.

"If the state government mandates local government to do something like this, the state must pay the local government for the costs associated with the mandate according to the Missouri Constitution," said Ray McCarty, president/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri as he testified before the committee hearing the bill. "This bill simply requires the local government to do the same thing. If they mandate installation of the charging stations, they must pay for the stations and their ongoing maintenance, and we fully support this bill."

Church leaders, convenience stores, and small business owners all presented reasons to the committee why the ordinance that is in effect in St. Louis County placed a burden on them.

The bill faces one more vote before advancing to the Missouri Senate for further consideration.



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