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AIM signs letter thanking congressional delegation for letter to President on EPA

Associated Industries of Missouri Wednesday signed on to a letter thanking members of the state’s congressional delegation for taking a stand against harmful EPA proposals.

Late last month, the Republican members of the delegation sent a letter to President Obama asking him to reign in the Environmental Protection Agency, especially on its proposed standards for carbon emissions from coal-fired electric generating facilities.

The letter asks President Obama to “not impose more EPA regulations which will negatively  impact Missouri families, businesses, workers and employers. Missourians simply cannot afford to be burdened anymore than we already are.”

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency published a series of proposed standards of emissions for newly constructed coal-fired electric generating plants that can not be achieved using current technology. And Washington analysts predict new standards being written by the EPA for current coal-fired plants will result in closure for most.

“82 percent of Missouri’s electricity comes from coal-fired generating plants,” said AIM president Ray McCarty. “To take existing electric generating plants off the power grid would be devastating for all Missourians, not just manufacturers. The time is now to stop this war on coal and come up with a rational national policy on energy that includes our nation’s most abundant fuel source.”

The letter to President Obama is posted below.



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