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AIM sends letter against E-15 mandate to congressional delegation

Associated Industries of Missouri has issued the following letter to all members of the Missouri congressional delegation, including Senator Blunt and Senator McCaskill, on the issue of further mandates that would allow higher levels of ethanol to be blended with gasoline at gas station pumps.

“Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) would like your help in asking the EPA to repeal, or at the very least revise, renewable fuel standards that will prove harmful to consumers.

Associated Industries of Missouri represents employers across Missouri.  AIM members are concerned about higher fuel costs and increases in the cost of corn and corn byproducts resulting from diverting more corn from current markets to the production of ethanol.  We are also concerned about damage to vehicles that may result from the use of higher ethanol blended fuels.

As the relative content of ethanol increases, gas mileage decreases significantly. Missouri currently mandates the use of fuel containing 10% ethanol.  Requiring 50% more ethanol to be blended with gasoline will reduce gas mileage and increase costs for Missouri businesses.  Employers use an enormous amount of gasoline in transporting goods, providing services, travel, etc.

Increasing the required blend of ethanol in fuel will also impact the cost of raw materials for industries that use corn or its byproducts as a raw material, reducing the ability of Missouri manufacturers to compete in the global marketplace.  Manufacturers that use these products as an ingredient were greatly affected when the E-10 mandate was implemented in Missouri and are extremely concerned about the impact of the federal government requiring 50% more ethanol in fuel.

Finally, we are concerned that the introduction of E-15 fuel into the marketplace without sufficient warning will result in a backlash from consumers that mistakenly use the fuel and find it causes damage to their engine or other components.  The use of such fuel would void vehicle warranties for a large number of vehicles on the roads today, including those used by employers.

Please help Missouri employers and other consumers by asking for the repeal of the renewable fuel standard that would require E-15 fuels.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.”



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