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AIM congratulates State Technical College of Missouri on name change

Linn MO – On July 1, Linn State Technical College changed its name to the State Technical College.

In July of 2013, Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation to officially change the college’s name. House Bill 673, sponsored by Rep. Dave Schatz, was introduced to better reflect the college’s statewide role under current Missouri law. Enrollment at the college consistently represents over 80 percent of Missouri counties and its graduates fuel the state’s technical workforce.

“This name change truly represents our service to the entire state,” said STC President Dr. Donald Claycomb. “Our graduates receive unparalleled technical instruction which prepares them to enter and support Missouri’s workforce.”

A name change celebration was held on July 1, 2014 in the Information Technology Center on the main campus in Linn, MO. Special guests and speakers included Treasurer Clint Zweifel, Senator Mike Kehoe, Rep. Dave Schatz, and Board of Regents President John Klebba.

The ceremony included the unveiling of a new sign at the entrance of the campus.

AIM was very supportive of the name change as it made its way through the legislative process. The mission of the college is to prepare the future highly trained workforce needed to enable the state’s businesses to grow and thrive. AIM looks forward to continue working closely with President Claycomb and the college’s Board of Regents.

The State Technical College of Missouri is Missouri’s only state technical college. Hands-on technical courses balanced with a strong foundation in communication, problem solving, decision making and critical thinking prepare graduates for profitable employment and a life of learning. Visit to learn more.

Here are some pictures from the name changing ceremony held July 1 at the college’s main campus.

State Technical College of Missouri president Donald Claycomb (left) and Board of Regents chairman John Klebba show off the new sign welcoming guests to the college in Linn.

Members of the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce join, from left, State Technical College Board of Regents president John Klebba, State Treasurer Clint Zweifel, State Technical College president Donald Claycomb, State Representative Dave Schatz, and State Senator Mike Kehoe for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the State College of Missouri renaming ceremony July 1, 2014.

State Representative Dave Schatz (R-Sullivan) unveils the new “State Tech” logo on the side of one of the campus’s trucks. Rep. Schatz sponsored the bill during the legislative session of 2013 that officially changed the name of the institution.

Students, administrators and supporters of the newly named State Technical College of Missouri gather around the new sign in front of the campus in Linn. Supporters include Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty (front row, left of the sign, dark suit, light tie). AIM supports State Tech’s mission of supplying highly trained workers for the state’s manufacturers.

Senator Mike Kehoe (R-Jefferson City) addresses the audience at the renaming ceremony for the State Technical College of Missouri on July 1, 2014. Kehoe was the Senate sponsor of legislation that renamed the school.

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