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AIM Board of Directors meets, stands with legislative leaders in support of tax cut

Members of the Board of Directors of Associated Industries of Missouri gathered for their semi-annual meeting Thursday, taking time out to support Senate Bill 509 during a news conference at the State Capitol.

The business leaders made for a powerful group that stood behind Speaker of the House Rep. Tim Jones (R-Eureka), Majority Floor Leader Rep. John Diehl (R-Town and Country), Speaker Pro Tem Rep. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg), and House Budget Chair Rep. Rick Stream (R-Kirkwood).

During their remarks, both Jones and Diehl pointed out that the tax cut in Senate Bill is a measured and responsible tool to help businesses and individuals keep more of their money to invest in the future.

“We have put a good, fair, reasonable tax cut on the governor’s desk, and we continue to urge him, despite his comments, to approve that legislation and to work with the legislature and the people of the state of Missouri who want this relief rather than against them,” said Speaker Jones.

‘I think it’s very important that we put out the message about how this is a tax cut that benefits the businesses of the state, and small businesses of the state,” said Floor Leader Diehl. “This is not just for lawyers and lobbyists as the governor is trying to scare people with. It effects real businesses across the state.”

AIM board members Gail Hinshaw of The Mountain Complex in Branson, Rod Reid of Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets of Lebanon, Jerry Jost of Jost Chemical in St. Louis and Jack Lonsinger of Liberty Carbon Service in Excelsior Springs all spoke of the benefits the tax cuts in HB 509 will have on their businesses.

“It’s our belief that because this effects more than 95 percent of the businesses of the state, you’re going to see impacts from the bill repeated all across the state,” said Aim president Ray McCarty. “You’ll see businesses reinvesting this money back into their businesses either through hiring additional people, paying their people more, buying new equipment, or other investments in their businesses.”

View the complete press conference below.



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