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AIM and MTD testify in support of highway funding

March 14, 2019

Missouri Transportation and Development Council (MTD) and Associated Industries of Missouri President/CEO Ray McCarty testified in support of SB 430, a bill sponsored by Sen. Doug Libla, that would provide additional funding for highway and transportation improvements.

Sen. Doug Libla

The bill would increase motor fuel taxes per gallon by 2 cents when the bill is effective, an additional 2 cents in 2021, and another 2 cents in 2022. The motor fuel tax would then increase annually by the rate of inflation. All increases would happen on the anniversary of the effective date of the bill. The bill would be effective upon the Governor’s signature.

AIM and MTD have long supported user fees as a way to finance transportation improvements. Transportation infrastructure has reached a critical point in Missouri. AIM and MTD also support a measure that would allow bonds to be issued but that measure has run into some resistance in the legislature.



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