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2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study Results

Two years ago, in 2009, Missouri Enterprise and the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC) conducted the groundbreaking Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study. That Study identified key trends affecting the industry and steps U.S. manufacturers could take to be successful in the next generation and beyond.

Last month, Missouri Enterprise and ASMCC released the results of its 2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study.

According to the 2011 NGM Study this is a critical time for U.S. manufacturing and manufacturers must assess whether they have the workforce, business systems, equipment and strategies in place to successfully compete in the future.   “While external factors, like the economic downturn present challenges, manufacturers can remain competitive by focusing on six strategies assessed by the NGM Study as a blueprint for success,” said Missouri Enterprise President and Chief Executive Officer Dusty Cruise.  “The six strategic areas assessed in the Next Generation Manufacturing Study serve as a road map for success to help U.S. manufacturers thrive in the next generation,” agreed Associated Industries of Missouri President Ray McCarty.

The 2011 NGM Study Executive Summary can be found on the Missouri Enterprise Web Site at under the “Libraries” tab, or you may click here:

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